Donate used Educational books to help students in need. 


India is stream rolling her way into development but illiteracy continues to plague a large section of the people in India.


However in the recent times many children have shown the urge to learn, to be educated and started attending schools. Despite being able to attend school these children are unable to afford academic books due to high prices of the books.


Often the libraries of our educational institutions lack quality educational and informative books. This deters students from reading and acquiring adequate knowledge on different subjects.  


In order to provide access to quality educational books to students in India, Ratna Nidhi is proud to partner and lead with Alibaba Group’s Mission Million Books. The project seeks to distribute 1 million educational books Free of Cost to 10,000 educational institutions in India.


The project aims at educating young India by cultivating reading habits among children and provides access to quality reading material.


Alibaba Group


The books will be collected Once collected, they will be sorted, after which a donation and distribution event in form of “Mega Book Exhibition” will be held where we will be inviting over 2500 schools and colleges to come and collect these books.


Donate used Educational books to help students in need with Alibaba's Mission Million Books in association with Ratna Nidhi.


Please call 7498989292 our representative will help you with the required details and arrange a pick up from the stated location for Free home pick up. Minimum books donation quantity requested for Home Pick up: min. 5 kgs.




Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you.


 Lourdes High School-Kalyan: “It was really a fabulous experience. Thanks for the service provided. The hospitality and the help provided by you is really commendable. Coordination was superb.”

Gyan Kendra Secondary School: “Thank you very much for organizing
this exhibition on such a large scale. It will help our students to acquire more information and will help to inculcate that love of books which is soon diminishing. God bless all of you for this great job.”

Our Partners

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank

    Kotak Mahindra Bank’s over 1,300 branches spread across India’s Kona Kona will provide support for collecting books.

  • E Com Express

    E com will arrange book pickups through its locations across India

  • Hindustan Times

  • Carnival Cinemas

  • Retailers Association of India

  • UC Web

  • Ecommerce Partner