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Food Partner schools of Ratna Nidhi Trust come together and interact with Aditi Mehta of Stones2Milestones


Friday, 15 September 2017 saw the Food Partner schools of Ratna Nidhi Trust come together and interact with Aditi Mehta of Stones2Milestones, an organisation which works to improve the way children learn and use the English language in schools.

It was an interactive session wherein the representatives of the schools and Ms. Aditi shared their learning and challenges in the implementation of the language.

The main objective was to open doors for quality education with the schools we work while providing hot nutritious meals to the children as we desire that the students stay longer in school and get access to good learning for a better future.

There were total of 8 Food School Partners present who attended the same.The school partners are those schools and organisations who serve the underprivileged children and youth & who avail of our home cooked nutritious meals everyday. They are mostly the non-aided, private, regional language schools and NGOs.


We are creating ' Disability Free Mumbai'

The issue of disability and the problems of disabled often go unnoticed. People with disability have hundreds of hurdles in their day to day life. Ratna Nidhi has started a campaign on Ketto to help 100 disabled people in Mumbai. 
Watch our campaign video here
We aim to create our city of Mumbai disabled free. 
Join us on this journey and support this campaign. 
Stand with us! Stand with MUMBAI!

Empowering the Children of Terror Victims


18 children who have lost their parent to the terror attacks of Mumbai attended a workshop organised by the team of The Foundation on 25th June. The workshop has helped to children to overcome their fears, anxiety or any kind of disturbing thoughts and replace it with hope and confidence. The team also took fun activities which helped the children to understand their strengths , set a goal in their life and list down all the things they need to do to achieve this goal.

Ratna Nidhi is crowdfunding for 420 disabled

Crowdfunging is and effective tool to bring in more hands to support our cause of disability. 
Click on any of the above link to know how crowd funding plays a important role in helping disable. 
You can be a part of this by sharing our Ketto Campaign on your social media or also have your individual crowdfunding page to help some one walk. 
If you need more details write to us on

NGO EXPO 2017 with Kunal Kapoor

This year Ratna Nidhi participated at NGO Expo 2017 held at The World Trade Center, Cuffee Parade Mumbai. The two day event saw participation of more than 500 NGOs , charities, foundations and corporations. 
Kunal Kapoor, founder of Ketto introduced our Jaipur foot beneficiary  at the exhibition where he spoke about his journey from not having a leg to becoming independent after receiving an artificial leg from us with the help of Ketto. 
See Suresh speak along with Kunal : Click Here


600 disable screened at Leh in just 7 days


Ratna Nidhi team had organised a one week long Screening Camp in Leh for 600 disable. In the month of June our team would be distributing mobility appliances to these beneficiaries which would include artificial limb, crutches, calipers, ortho, walker, wheelchair and hearing aid.




Upcoming Mobility Camp



We saved some tiny hands this winter at Arunachal Pradesh


North of India has one of the world's coldest climate. In such climatic condition it becomes vital to be prepared with the basic winter clothing.  But not all get the privilege to securely wrap themselves in perfect warm clothes.

As part of our Garments Project we have donated warm clothes to the children at Manushree Vidyapeeth , Tawang - Arunachal Pradesh. Here is a small token of appreciation from the Director Mr.Lama Thupten Phuntsok



On 26th January, 2017 the Harley Davidson Mumbai team will be Biking for Change.

For Ratna Nidhi’s  & Rotary club of Bombay worli’s Mobility Project  the Harley Davidson bikers will be riding from Bandra to Mahalaxmi to raise awareness about Physical Disability in India and Ratna Nidhi’s work duly supported by rotary club of Bombay Worli  to address the issue

The route and time for the ride will be as follows:

1.      Meeting point at seven islands Bandra by 7:00 am.

2.      Flag off at 7:15 am.

3.      Directly reach NCPA for first pit stop by 8:00 am.

4.      Roll out at 8:15 am.

5.      Second pit stop by 8:25 am at Chowpatty.

6.      Roll out at 8:35 am.

7.      Third pit stop at haji Ali at 8:50 am

8.      Roll out at 9:00 am.

9.      Fourth and final pit stop at worli sea face at 9:15 am.

10.  Roll out at 9:30 am and reach the Ratna Nidhi’s Jaipur foot center by 10 am.

The bikers will be wearing vests  & showcasing Branded Flags with brand logo of all the three sponsors of the rally ( ratnanidhi trust,rotary club of Bombay worli and killer jeans ) and will reach jaipur foot centre. There will be flag hoisting there at 10 am followed by breakfast and jaipur foot MOBILITY camp. The Bikers and their guests will be shown the facility of the jaipur foot centre and wil have an opportunity to meet the beneficiaries and interact with them to see the joy and smile on the faces of amputees who has received pride and self esteem back in their life standing on their own feet.

The Harley Davidson bike rally aims to create awareness to support the cause of mobility to make Mumbai disable free.



Disability Mobility Camp Coverage by Samana and Sakal


We would be organizing various mobility camp in this month and February. The event were covered by two local Marathi news paper Samana and Sakal. During this camp, all the beneficiaries would be provided the equipments without any charges. We would be distributing Jaipur foot, calipers, wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aid.